About us

Our mission is to empower people to be appreciated

Our mission is to empower people to be appreciated


appreciate-me was built to be a better way for communities to fund their projects, for creators to monetize their content and for charities to be more visible and reach their goal.

We aim to build a community based on mutual appreciation, to which we apply our core values as a business:

    • Free for all: Access on appreciate-me is, and always will be, free.

    • Transparency: We believe that our users and we should always be transparent. That’s why the platform is always set to display the amount of money raised for charity by any individual or project.

    • Trust: Campaign Owners must be verified before withdrawing funds. We implemented a verification system into our Customer Support to offer a safe place for our users and to limit scammers.

    • Charity Fund – Being great at doing good: 5% or more of each transaction made for an individual or a project goes to the Charity Fund, where the money will be redistributed to the charity campaigns. This way, by appreciating those who inspire you, you also get to help those who need your appreciation the most. To further help charity campaigns, we decided to keep them free, meaning that no fees will be applied to transactions made for Charity Campaigns.



Our story as told by the Co-founders


“We didn’t think at that time that we would actually do this project. We were just two friends that loved to observe & debate, and that’s how the idea came one day while we were randomly discussing over Social platforms.

It all started when we came to realize that a simple “Like” is not really helping. Children in Africa were not less hungry, content creators were not earning more, and no one benefited from the “Like”.  Humanity needed something stronger, something real, more profound. We debated that until we came across our “what if” questions:

What if there would be a platform where people can appreciate each other with actual money, whenever they feel like doing so? What if instead of “Liking” art, people and technologies and charities, we can get people to Donate?

We thought that a Crowdfunding platform could address that, but it should have something different that can connect everything. And that’s where the Charity Fund came from.

This was the first time we took immediate action on one of our ideas. We registered appreciate-me.com right away and went to set up the company in the following days with some money that we borrowed.

Looking back and remembering all the difficulties that we encountered, we know for a fact that this has been the best decision we have ever made. It is unbelievable how much progress we have made, how many amazing people this project managed to coagulate and how we even improved as individuals.

We have great plans for this platform, and we pledge to remain committed to our mission: empowering people to be appreciated.

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