Charity - How it works

Membership allows you to fund your Charity Campaign and benefit from the Charity Fund.

What is a crowdfunding Charity?

A crowdfunding platform provides you the necessary environment to raise funds for your cause or campaign. In general, the crowdfunding charity means that a large group of people support a humanitarian cause.

What is a charity campaign?

We all know those difficult moments when someone has an emergency or a situation that requires our support and attention. If your goal is to build an animal shelter, to help someone fund a surgery or you just want to organize a tree planting activity or sea clean-up, appreciate-me is the perfect platform to raise funds. The platform fee for Charity Campaigns is 0%. The best part is that you can benefit from the charity fund even if the campaign goal is not fully met.

Please note that our mission is to help people and we don’t tolerate any scams. The Charity Campaigns and their owners are always verified by our staff. The charity campaigns are initially sent for review and after the verification, your campaign will become active.

Registration Steps

It’s free and simple to create an account on appreciate-me. You will have to type in your name, email address, select a strong password, and (optional) choose a category you feel you belong to. Don’t worry, you can change your category later.

You can do it from the upper-right corner or by simply clicking here.

Starting a campaign

You are an altruist and you like to help others? appreciate-me offers the perfect solution for you to do so. Please be honest and transparent when you are raising funds for a charity. Make sure that you provide us all the information that serves as evidence that the campaign is real. You can create a campaign by clicking “Start a campaign” in the upper-right corner on the homepage or create a campaign from the charity list.

Setting the goal

Please set a realistic target that is not bigger than your actual costs, but also make sure that you ask for enough money to fund your cause. Don’t worry that much if you don’t reach your target. If your charity is popular and supported by many people you can benefit from the Charity Fund or you can create another campaign to raise the necessary funds.

Setting the name, descriptions, photos

While creating a Charity Campaign please use a title and a short description that explains the problem and why are you raising funds for in 50 characters or less.

Don’t use titles that confuse or scare the donors. Use something nice that can give hope.

“Lauren’s hope for recovering after the accident” – “ ‘Disease’ surgery needed for Marta”

Pay attention to your background image. Choose something wide, the best resolution being min: 1280x400p. Think about something that draws attention quickly. This will be helpful when you share your campaign on social media.

Featured image. You can choose multiple files for the carousel that is displayed on your campaign’s page. You can choose either photos, videos, or gifs but keep in mind that the required resolution of any file is a min: 730x380p. Choose 3-4 pictures that are most essential about your charity campaign. This way, you ensure that your campaign has a full impact when someone is watching your campaign.

Creating rewards

You don’t have to create rewards for the Charity Campaigns but you can use some “Thank You” cards to help your community donate easily. Please keep permanent contact with your donors and keep in mind that you are responsible to ship any kind of physical reward that you are creating.

Please note that appreciate-me has currently no support for shipping rewards.

Posting updates

One of the most important actions while having an active charity campaign is to communicate with your community and with the donors. Post updates constantly about “how things are working out” and don’t forget to tell everyone about the progress made so far.

You should pay the same attention in terms of text, photos, tone of voice, and message when you post updates or your campaign.

Campaign description & story

Use a hope-giving sentence to describe your campaign, something that creates emotions and inspires people to help. No more than 100 characters.

Creating a Charity Campaign can be difficult sometimes if you are not an NGO or you don’t have any experience at all. Being a sensitive topic you have to pay attention to a lot of details. First of all, make sure that your case is real, be transparent, and talk openly about the problem that you are raising funds for.

Explain in detail why the funds are needed and how do you plan to spend it, plus how the beneficiary will receive the funds or any other kind of helpful information.

Use pictures or videos that can have an impact but at the same time make sure that you have the approval to use them or they are within our community standards.

While writing your story you can ‘use a warm tone of voice’ that inspires hope, that makes people appreciate your efforts to help people in need.

Talk about any other needs that you are having and ask the community to help you in any way.

Don’t forget to ask the donors to set your campaign as Featured after they donated and to vote it for Charity Fund Eligibility (learn more).

Promoting on social media

To attract more donors to your campaign’s page you can use social media tools to engage your community. Post, share and talk about your campaigns in your videos or stories.

Ask popular people on social media to talk about your campaign or promote it on their page.

Selecting team members

Adding team members to your campaign is an important step while creating a charity campaign and make sure that each of them has an updated profile. In this way it is easier to find them in the drop-down list and it also gives trust to your donors.

Don’t forget that you and your team members must be verified users before receiving the funds you raised.

Verifying identity and campaign

This action is mandatory to be done before your campaign goes live. All team members should be verified users and make sure that you have read the Terms of use and Identity verification before starting a Charity Campaign. To verify, you just simply send an email at with the documents specified on the Identity Verification page.

Edit and launch

Please note that once you have launched a project you are able to edit only specific fields (For example, you won’t be able to change the Goal).

Once your campaign received its first donation, you won’t be able to move your campaign back into draft.

You can always see your campaigns or projects, both drafts and launched on your profile in the “My Campaigns” section. Only you can see the drafts but anyone else can see your live campaigns.

Receiving money/ appreciation/ withdraw

Once your campaign has ended, you are eligible to receive the money that you have raised. The standard procedure is to receive the money in the first 15 days of the next month but in some specific cases, you can ask us via email to send you the money earlier. Please contact us before the ending of your campaign. Keep in mind that any funds from the charity fund can be sent only after the month-end (Read more).

Receiving money from the Charity Fund

Charity Fund is a fund that collects 5% of any appreciation made/received on Creators and Project sections (Read more). This fund aims to complete the goals of those charity campaigns that haven’t reached their goal but were the most appreciated (Read Terms of use).

To increase the chances to benefit from the charity fund, ask your donors to vote and select your campaign as a Featured Charity.

See backers’ list

At any given time, you and anyone else can see who supported your charity campaign.

If you are a NGO, read more

Benefits for NGOs on appreciate-me.

You can also read the Community Guidelines

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