Charity Fund - How it works

Membership allows you to fund your Charity Campaign and benefit from the Charity Fund.

What is the Charity Fund?

As simple as it sounds, the Charity Fund is a place where 5% (or more) of any appreciation made to Creators or Projects is collected and redistributed to the most appreciated Charities.

The Charity Fund aims to complete the goals for for Charities that couldn’t meet their goal. At the end of the month, all the money raised in the Charity Fund will be redirected to the charities that are popular among the community.


A charity campaign becomes Eligible for the Charity Fund when it has completed at least 30% of its goal and has no more than 10 days to deadline. Once they become eligible, they have the opportunity to benefit from the Charity Fund depending on their popularity.


The eligible charities are ranked by the community’s actions. If you have a charity campaign in progress, share it on social media, ask your backers to vote for your cause and encourage them to set your campaign as a featured charity on their profile. This helps your cause to gain more chances to get the funds.

Percentage sent to the Charity fund

One of our main objectives is to help Charity campaigns that are in need. As such, by default, 5% of each donation made on a profile or on a crowdfunding project will be automatically redirected to the Charity Fund. In this way, 5% of each donation you receive is meant to help charity.

In case you are already a popular Content creator or artist who already has the financial capabilities to sustain yourself, you can choose to give up to 90% to the Charity Fund.

Contributing to the Charity Fund

As you already know, Charity Fund collects a minimum of 5% of each donation made to Creators or Projects. If you want to help the charity but you are undecided you can choose to donate directly to this fund.

By donating money to the charity fund you contribute to a general fund that aims to complete the goals of those charities couldn’t meet their funding needs.

Featured Charity

Once someone donated to a Charity Campaign they will be able to set that Charity as a featured Charity on their profile. That Charity is promoted on their profile and anyone who visits the profile will see the campaign. By adding it as a featured charity they help the campaign gain better chances of achieving its goal with the help of the Charity Fund. Votes can also give a boost.

Featured Charity on projects does not count for the ranking.

Receiving money from Charity Fund

To receive the funds from the Charity Fund, your Charity Campaign has to be eligible(Read above/below). Become eligible – extract terms of use. Once your campaign meets the conditions to become eligible, the community will decide by their action who’s going to benefit from the Charity Fund.

Any vote for a Charity gives that charity 1 point. In addition, any Featured Charity on Creator’s Profile gives that charity 10 points. Featured Charity on projects does not count for the ranking.

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