Community Guidelines

Created to support our mission to empower people to appreciate

We update our Community Guidelines from time to time to evolve with community behavior, mitigate emerging risks, and keep appreciate-me a safe place for raise funds for our campaign.

Please note that, these guidelines are incorporated into our Term of Use and is mandatory for platform users.


Dangerous natural person/company or non-profit organization

appreciate-me do not allows dangerous individuals or organizations to use our platform to promote terrorism, crime, or other types of behavior that could cause harm.

appreciate-me defines dangerous individuals and organizations as those that commit crimes or cause other types of severe harm. The types of groups and crimes include, but are not limited to: (i) Hate groups; (ii) Violent extremist organizations; (iii) Homicide; (iv) Human trafficking; (v) Organ trafficking; (vi) Arms trafficking; (vii) Drug trafficking; (viii) Kidnapping; (ix) Extortion; (x) Blackmailing; (xi) Money laundering; (xii) Fraud (xiii) Cybercrime.

Also, names, symbols, logos, flags, slogans, uniforms, gestures, portraits, or other objects meant to represent dangerous individuals and/or organizations, content that praises, glorifies, or supports dangerous individuals and/or organizations are forbidden.

Note: When there is a credible threat to public safety, we handle the issue by banning the account and cooperating with relevant legal authorities.

Terrorists and terrorist organizations

Terrorists and terrorist organizations are any non-state actors that use premeditated violence or threats of violence to cause harm to non-combatant individuals, in order to intimidate or threaten a population, government, or international organization in the pursuit of political, religious, ethnic, or ideological objectives.

We define dangerous individuals and organizations as those that commit crimes or cause other types of severe harm. The types of groups and crimes include, but are not limited to: (i) Hate groups; (ii) Violent extremist organizations; (iii) Homicide; (iv) Human trafficking; (v) Organ trafficking; (vi) Arms trafficking; (vii) Drug trafficking; (viii) Kidnapping; (ix) Extortion; (x) Blackmailing; (xi) Money laundering; (xii) Fraud; (xiii) Cybercrime.

Illegal activities and regulated goods

appreciate-me forbids content may be removed if it relates to activities that are illegal or regulated in the majority of the region or world, even if the activities or goods in question are legal in the jurisdiction of posting.

Promotion of criminal activities

appreciate-me generally do not allow the depiction, trade, or promotion of firearms, ammunition, firearm accessories, or explosive weapons. We also prohibit instructions on how to manufacture those weapons.

Drugs and controlled substances

appreciate-me do not allow content that depicts the use or trade of drugs or other controlled substances. It’s forbidden content that displays drugs, drug consumption, or encourages others to make, use, or trade drugs or other controlled substances, content that sells, offers, trades, or solicits drugs or other controlled substances, content that provides information on how to buy illegal or controlled substances.

Frauds and scams

appreciate-me not permit anyone to exploit our platform to harm others, which includes schemes to defraud individuals or steal assets appreciate-me remove content that deliberately deceives people in order to gain an unlawful financial advantage.

Violent and graphic content

appreciate-me not allow content that is excessively gruesome or shocking, especially that promotes or glorifies abject violence or suffering. appreciate-me allow exceptions for certain circumstances, for example, content that is newsworthy or meant to raise awareness about issues. When platform identify a genuine risk of violence or threat to public safety, platform ban the account and work with relevant legal authorities as necessary and when appropriate.

Also, appreciate-me not allow Content that is gratuitously shocking, sadistic, or excessively graphic, including but not limited to depictions: of the slaughter of real animals; of dismembered, mutilated, charred, or burned animal remains of animal cruelty.

Hate speech

appreciate-me do not tolerate content that attacks or incites violence against an individual or a group of individuals on the basis of protected attributes. appreciate-me do not allow content that includes hate speech and remove it from our platform. Also suspend or ban accounts that have multiple hate speech violations.

appreciate-me define hate speech as content that does or intends to attack, threaten, incite violence against, or dehumanize an individual or a group of individuals on the basis of protected attributes. appreciate-me not allow content that verbally or physically threatens violence or depicts harm to an individual or a group based on any of the following protected attributes: (i)race; (ii) ethnicity; (iii) national origin; (iv)religion; (v) sexual orientation; (vi) gender etc.

Harassment and bullying

Users should feel safe to express themselves without fear of being shamed, humiliated, bullied, or harassed. We deeply understand the psychological distress that abusive content can have on individuals, and we do not tolerate abusive content or behavior on our platform.

Nudity and sexual content

appreciate-me not allow sexually explicit or gratifying content, including animated content of this nature. Sexualized content carries many risks, such as triggering legal penalties in some jurisdictions and causing harm to our users through sharing non-consensual imagery.

Also, appreciate-me do allow exceptions around nudity and sexually explicit content for educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic purposes.

Integrity and authenticity

Content that is intended to deceive or mislead any of our community members endangers our trust-based community. appreciate-me not allow such content on our platform. This includes activities such as spamming, impersonation, and disinformation campaigns.


Content or activity that seeks to artificially inflate popularity on the platform is prohibited. appreciate-me also prohibit any attempts to manipulate platform mechanisms to increase interaction metrics.

Misleading information

Encourage our users to have respectful conversations about subjects that matter to them, appreciate-me do not permit misinformation that causes harm to individuals, our community or the larger public. Please, don’t post misinformation: (i) that incites hate or prejudice; (ii) related to emergencies that induces panic; (iii) medical misinformation that causes harm to an individual's physical health.

Threats to platform security

In addition to the content and behavior outlined above, our policies prohibit activities that undermine the our service: (i) do not hack the appreciate-me website or associated networks, or bypass its measures to restrict users’ access; (ii) do not distribute files that contain viruses, trojan horses, worms, logic bombs, or other materials that are malicious or harmful; (iii) do not modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, or create any derivative products based on appreciate-me, including any files, tables or documentation, nor attempt to regenerate any source code, algorithms, methods, or techniques embodied in appreciate-me; (iv) do not use automated scripts to collect information from appreciate-me. 

Religion or political campaigns

appreciate-me cannot be used to fundraise for religion related campaigns, political campaigns, political candidates, or political action committees (PACs). 




Fill details about campaign

The first step, you have to choose an interesting title for your campaign and add a short description: introduce the area that you are conducting your project in, explaining a bit about what are your goals, what budget you need to do the project/charity campaign. Also, you can upload some images related to your project.

Reward Fulfillment

If you promised your contributors rewards you must fulfill these obligations within the announced time and if there are delays please provide the reason to the contributors and to give them another deadline.

Campaign owners must provide substantive detail updates at least once a month to their Contributors.

Response in time to contributors' comments

The comments section of your campaign is a place where contributors to your campaign can ask questions, voice concerns, and interact with each other and you.

Please note that, you are required to respond all comments unless that comment, or the contributor, violates our Terms and this Community Guidelines.

Appreciate Me reserves the right to verify these comments and to notify you if it violates this Community Guidelines. Campaign Owners may only communicate with contributors about the campaign to which the contribution was made. Campaign owners may not cross-promote, or otherwise contact (via email, message, or any other forms of communication) contributors about other campaigns, products, services, or other activities, this is especially so for campaigns outside of the appreciate-me platform. Such communications are considered spam and are a violation of our Privacy Policy.

Post only photos or videos created by you or that you have the right to post

As always, you are the owner of the content you post on appreciate-me. Don't forget to post authentic content and don't post items you've copied or collected from the internet that you don't have the right to post.

Fill only the true identification data when you create your account

You must complete all identity and banking verification processes, including any follow-up information requested by our payment processor or identity verification, before your campaign will be finished to approve transfer of funds raised on appreciate-me.

If you have not provided any requested information for any of these processes, your transfer may be delayed or entirely refunded back to contributors.

Send relevant documents to receive a donation

Also, if you are initiating a charity campaign, you must send relevant documents to demonstrate the need to receive a donation from the charity fund managed by the platform or the fund raised from other users.


Please note that, if a user violates our Terms of Use (including Community Guidelines, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Security Policy), appreciate-me reserves the right to take any of the sanctions listed below at its option:

    • to retain a percentage of 10% (ten percent) of the funds raised in the campaign in addition to the fees mentioned in art. 8 in the document Terms and Conditions. This fee for violating any policy will go to the charity fund;

    • remove campaigns and terminate user account without notice;

    • refund of funds raised through appreciate-me to contributors withholding the fees of bank transfer;

    • to ban participation in new campaigns through the platform;

    • other sanctions that it will deems necessary to protect our platform;


Thank you all for being a part of our community and working with us to maintain a safe space for all users. If you come across content or accounts that you believe may violate our Community Guidelines, please let us know so appreciate-me can review and take appropriate action.

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