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Membership allows you to be appreciated for your creativity and offer a part to Charity. By achieving your dream, you make other dreams come true.

Who are they?

As the title suggests, the “Creators” section represents our community. Here you can find creatives who can be content creators on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram or streamers and gamers on Twitch, artists, photographers, podcasters, freelancers, or anyone who has an audience to perform for. This section is also dedicated to entrepreneurs, NGOs, or institutions/organizations. Not finding yourself in the categories mentioned above? Don’t worry. You can always join us as a Supporter who wants to appreciate their favorites and then decide your journey!

Registration Steps

It’s free and simple to create an account on appreciate-me. You will have to type in your name, email address, select a strong password, and (optional) choose a category you feel you belong to (you can always change your category later).

You can do it from the upper-right corner or by simply clicking here.

Once you have completed the form, you will be redirected to your profile and an automatic email will be sent to your email address for verification. Please check in all email folders for the confirmation email.

Now you are ready to share your appreciate-me profile with your community and friends!

Customizing your profile

You can choose a profile picture and a background image that is recommended to be min: 1280x400p*.

*NOTE: Uploading a photo from a mobile device can show an unusual crop.

You can set the birthday date, city, and country and as well as a title that describes you better: Artist; Musician/Band; Public Figure; Entertainer; Creator; Gamer; Sportsperson; Trainer/Educator; Human; Entrepreneur; Scientist; Innovator; Business; Organization or Institution; Brand or Product; NGO; Cause or Community

To complete the registration you have to verify your profile.

Verifying your identity

This action is not mandatory to be done immediately but is absolutely necessary if you want to withdraw money or if you want to start a Charity campaign. To verify, you just simply send an email at with the documents specified on the Identity Verification page.

Updating the featured Charity

Once you donated to a Charity campaign you will be able to set that Charity as a featured Charity on your profile. You will help that Charity by promoting it on your profile because anyone who visits your profile will see the campaign. By adding it as a featured Charity you help the campaign gain better chances of achieving its goal with the help of the Charity Fund.

My balance

“My balance” is the section that shows the amount you’ve raised. There are three tabs that display different information.


Here you’ll be able to see the list of received donations, who are the backers (if they are registered) and the amount. This information is visible only to you.


Here you’ll be able to see your contributions. Anyone can see your contributions but only you can see the amount.


Once your withdrawing request has been processed, the withdrawn amount will be displayed in this section. No one else can see this information.

Start a campaign

In the upper-right corner of the homepage, you will see the Start a campaign button that allows you to start two types of campaigns.

Start a project

Besides the appreciations received on your profile, you can also raise funds separately for a project that you have. This can be a business idea, a product, or simply a personal project you can start raising funds for by creating a crowdfunding project. A project can also be started if you visit the Projects list.

Learn more about how projects work

Start a Charity

Helping others is our mission and anyone who has joined appreciate-me can start a Charity campaign with 0% platform fee. In this category, you can raise funds for someone else who is in need.
Remember, our staff will verify any Charity campaign and its team members before launching.

Learn more about how Charities work

Percentage given to the Charity Fund

As you might already know, one of our main objectives is to help Charity campaigns which are in need. As such, by default, 5% of each donation made on a profile or on a crowdfunding project will be automatically redirected to the Charity Fund. In this way, 5% of each donation you receive is meant to help Charity.

In case you are already a popular Content creator or artist who already has the financial capabilities to sustain yourself, you can choose to give up to 90% to the Charity Fund.

In real-time, the amount that matches the percentage will be shown under your name: “Through my work - X amount goes to Charity”. In this way, everyone can see that you are a real influencer that can change the lives of others.

There are no restrictions about the Charity Fund percentage and you can change it anytime from your settings. Keep in mind that the donations received will be automatically split in the right amount according to your settings.

My campaigns

In this section on your profile, you can see and edit any of your started campaigns or projects even if they are in draft or already launched.


If you are part of a team that has launched a crowdfunding project or a Charity campaign, you will be able to see a list of these campaigns in the Teams section. Also here you can accept the invitations to be part of a certain team.

Post an update

On your profile you can create a post. You can add links from almost all websites and you can customize the post in your own way. You have no obligation to post anything on your profile, but it is recommended to keep your visitors up to date with your work. A complete profile is more likely to receive more donations.

Link your social media accounts

On your profile settings, you have the possibility to link other social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube. These links will be displayed as icons under your name and anyone who visits your profile can access them.

Assuming that you are a content creator, adding your social accounts is highly recommended.

Copy your link and promote yourself

Inform your community about your appreciate-me profile and tell them why it is important for you to be backed. You can easily share your profile or copy the link and post it on your social media accounts. It’s important to keep your audience informed about your account and you can do this by talking about it in your videos and add the link in the description.

Receiving money/ Getting appreciated

It’s simple to receive a donation, probably the simplest way. Anyone who visits your appreciate-me profile, registered or not, will be able to donate money as a sign of appreciation for your work. By simply hitting the APPRECIATE button, anyone can make a quick donation.

The minimum donation is 1 euro but keep in mind that 5% is always redirected to the Charity Fund.

You don’t have to create content on your profile but it is recommended to share what you are usually doing (e.g. sharing the video that you already uploaded on YouTube).

When someone has made a donation on your profile you will be able to see it in your balance.


Your balance is looking good, you really are appreciated! You can get your money by pressing the “withdraw” button.

Once you’ve done this action, an automatic request is sent to our staff, and this button will be unavailable until the request is processed by our team*. This action cannot be undone.


  • Make sure that you are a verified user and your bank details are complete and correct before attempting to withdraw.

  • The money will be transferred to your account in the first 15 days of the next month. Keep in mind you cannot withdraw less than 100 euros.

Appreciating someone or a project/charity

Likewise, if you want to appreciate, support, and back someone else, you can visit their profile, project or campaign page and simply click on the APPRECIATE button and complete the form. You don’t have to be registered to appreciate a person or a campaign but keep in mind that your donation will be displayed as anonymous.

There is no monthly subscription and you have no obligation to continue donating for the same person if you don’t want to. The appreciate-me concept is built to offer anyone the chance to reward a person by their own choice.

Contributing to the Charity Fund

As you already know, Charity Fund collects a minimum of 5% of each donation made to Creators or Projects. If you want to help the Charity but you are undecided you can choose to donate directly to this fund.

Learn more about how the Charity Fund works

Best resources

We all know how difficult and time consuming is to create, to be an influencer or an artist but here are some tips & tricks that can help you create or improve your content if you at the beginning of your journey as a content creator

You can also read the Community Guidelines

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