Identity Verification

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Why do I have to verify my identity?

In accordance with the legislation applicable in Romania, the Money Laundering Law no. 129/2019, we have the obligation to verify each person who launched a campaign and receives funds through the appreciate-me platform.

But this verification process also confirms the fact that you are an adult/ major (18 years old) and do not need the consent of your parent or guardian for launching a campaign and to support a campaign.

Also, identity verification process helps to ensure that there is a real person behind every project on our platform.

It also protects you by preventing someone else from running a project under your name/company/non-profit organization or a charity campaign.

Please note that identity verification process is a mandatory step in each individual project and in order to get verified, you would need at least one document for Personal Identification in combination with at least one document for Address Verification (Bank Statement is preffered).

Which documents do I need to provide for the Identity Verification Process? 

1. If you are a natural person:

    • Personal identification: passport/driving license/national identification card/citizenship certificate;

    • Address Verification: utility bill (less than 3 months old)/tax bill (less than 3 months old)/ copy of Bank Statement (less than 6 months old).

Also, for charity fundraising campaigns, we will also request an additional document showing the need for funds/your real problems (e.g. medical diagnostic; if you need funds for the construction of a house, being a social case, we will request a statement on your own responsibility that you will use the funds for the stated purpose)

appreciate-me reserves the right to request any documents considered relevant before transferring funds by campaign owner.

2. If you are a non-profit company or organization

The documents mentioned in point 1 must be submitted by the legal representative (administrator/director etc.) of the company or non-profit organization.

Also, you must send us a document stating that the company or the non-profit organization is legally registered and tax ID number.

appreciate-me reserves the right to request any documents considered relevant before transferring funds by campaign owner. 

Please note that: 

    • Documents must be clear and legible; 

    • Documents must be uploaded in full color (i.e. no black-and-white scans); 

    • Documents must be clear and large enough to read;

    • Documents must be valid and not expired; 

    • send us documents that state your residential address. Unfortunately, documents address to a PO Box number are unacceptable for validation; 

    • please do not send in original documents;

    • please send scans in JPEG or GIF file formats only within maximum size of 10 MB per email;

You can send the documents required at email address: or you can upload in your account in section “Identity verification process” .

How do I know my submission was successful?

If your submission is successful, you’ll see in your account a status of “Verified user” or you’ll receive an email with a text “Verified user”.

Please note that it may take minimum 48 hours to update your account or send you an email.

What happens if I don't verify my identity?

If you do not verify your identity you will not be able to launch a campaign / you will not be able to withdraw the funds.

Is it safe to upload my personal documents/company documents/non-profit organization documents?

We believe that any personal information you share with us must be protected with great care.

That's why we assure you that your data is encrypted as soon as it leaves your computer using SSL number technology. This ensures that your documents cannot be intercepted when sent over the Internet.

Also, please see our Privacy and Security policies.


The process of identity confirmation

To protect your account, you may need to prove your identity if you recently logged out of your device or performed sensitive actions, such as:

    • connect from a new device;

    • see saved passwords;

    • change the recovery information;

    • change the password.

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