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Membership allows you to fund your campaign and offer a percentage to charity. By achieving your dream, you make other dreams come true.

What is crowdfunding?

A crowdfunding platform provides you the necessary environment to raise funds for your project or campaign. In general, crowdfunding means that a large group of people back an idea, and support it financially to be launched on the market.

What is a project?

When thinking of a project you may refer to any idea that isn’t already a product, but more like a prototype on its way to being created and launched, or any other specific type of activity that requires funds.

Registration Steps

It’s free and simple to create an account on appreciate-me. You will have to type in your name, email address, select a strong password, and (optional) choose a category you feel you belong to. Don’t worry, you can change your category later.

You can do it from the upper-right corner or by simply clicking here.

Starting a project

We know that you are a hard worker full of ideas and we appreciate you. Start a crowdfunding campaign and show us your brilliant idea! You can start crowdfunding campaigns from categories such as Music, Tech / Innovation, Culture / Education, Games, Auto / Moto, Sports, Film, Arts / Design, Entertainment or Photography by clicking the “Start a campaign” button on top right corner of every page on our platform.

Setting the Name, descriptions, and photos

Choosing the right name for your project or product is the first important step when creating a campaign. Keep it short, maximum 50 characters and somehow catchy, but avoid using terms such as: “World's smallest... ‘product’ ”; “The best... ‘device’ ”. Instead, use a short and nice name and what’s great about it: “SuperVisor – wild camping security kit”.

Describe your project in one sentence (no more than 100 characters) and pick something like a catchphrase. “SuperVisor - Keeps your family safe and protects your camp”.

Pay attention to your background image. Choose something wide, the best resolution is min: 1280x400p. and think about something that attracts attention immediately. This will be helpful when you share your project on social media.

Featured image. You can choose multiple files for the carousel that is displayed on your project’s page. You can choose either photos, videos, or gifs but keep in mind that the required resolution of any file is a min: 730x380p. Choose 3-4 pictures that are most attractive about your project, in this way you ensure that your campaign has a full impact when someone is watching your campaign.

Setting the timeline for your project

You can start a campaign today or 15 days in the future and the maximum period that you can run a campaign is for 45 days. If you start a campaign in the next 15 days, but not today, your project can be seen on the coming soon section of the homepage. There are 8 slots available and the carousel is randomized.

The campaign closes or continues on end

You can choose to keep your campaign open for donations after its period has passed for more than 15 days if you chose at the begging that your campaign can continue on end. This feature is recommended only if you are pretty sure that you are reaching your goal.

Project description and Story

Your idea is awesome but don’t forget about its story! Pay maximum attention while creating your project’s story and be transparent with your backers.

Include in the story some media materials such as photos, video links, diagrams, or stats and pay attention to details. Use the same size for each photo and try to arrange the text properly. Don’t use large files that can slow down the loading screen while someone is accessing your project’s page.

Use HTML templates only if you are an advanced user. Keep in mind that if the HTML has errors, it can corrupt the post and your project can become temporarily inactive (if you encounter any problems, please send us an email at

Always keep a backup of your story and materials.

Talk about what is awesome about your project and where the idea came from? Identify some key points of your project and treat them as unique selling points. Talk about them wisely and make sure that you are adding enough information.

Try to present your team & goals and why you need those funds. You can also add your expansion plans or other future plans.

Don’t hesitate to create diagrams and a timeline of your project and also add the human touch, a message from the project initiator or team.

Kindly ask your community to share your project on social media.

Setting the goal

Before setting the goal, analyze and calculate any spending that will be absolutely necessary to be made including, production, suppliers, outsourced partners, shipping, and marketing.

For any project, it is important to have a small 5-10% reserve for spending which is not usually taken into account.

Important note: The platform’s fee for projects is 5% and also 5% goes to the Charity Fund if you don’t set a higher percentage (Read more). Consider these fees when calculating the value of your rewards. Don’t worry, your amount raised from your goal is automatically calculated and the displayed amount is your actual revenue.

Creating rewards

The most efficient approach to crowdfunding is rewarding your backers. What is a reward? Anything from a “Thank you card” to the actual product or packages with discounts. These are also the most common rewards. While creating the project, you have the option to create some rewards for your campaign and also you can add rewards later by editing your campaign.

Posting updates

Be transparent with your backers and constantly post updates about your project’s progress. It’s more likely to have a successful campaign by keeping your community engaged.

Create the updates with the same attention as the initial story.

Coming soon

When starting a project in the future (no more than 15 days), your project can be displayed on the homepage, being visible to everyone, and you can start promoting your campaigns as being “preparing to launch” and already engage some followers.

Receiving money/ Getting appreciated

To receive funds or appreciations for your project is simple. Anyone who visit your project page can simply back your project by clicking on the Appreciate button or can select one of the rewards created by you.

Remember that the platform fee for projects is 5% and also 5% goes to Charity Fund. Consider this when you create rewards. Don’t worry your goal progress will be displayed with the correct amount in real time.

Shipping rewards

When creating a crowdfunding campaign, you have the possibility to reward your backers with different types of items. Make sure that you are well organized both in terms of project timeline and shipping timeline. Keep permanently in contact with your backers and remember: you are responsible to deliver the items.

Please note that appreciate-me has currently no support for shipping rewards.

Edit and Launch

Once you create a project you have the possibility to launch it or save it as a draft. In both cases, you can edit and/or launch your campaign later. Please note that once you have launched a project you are able to edit only specific fields (For example, you won’t be able to change the Goal).

Once your campaign has received its first donation, you won’t be able to move your campaign back into draft.

You can always see your campaigns or projects, both drafts and launched on your profile in the “My Campaigns” section.

Only you can see the drafts but anyone else can see your live campaigns.

Verifying identity

This action is not mandatory to be done immediately but is absolutely necessary if you want to withdraw money from your campaign or if you want to start a Charity Campaign. To verify, you just simply send an email at with the documents specified in the Identity Verification page.

Promoting on social media

To attract more backers to your project’s page you can use social media tools to engage your community. Post, share, and talk about your project in your videos or stories.

You may want your project to become a real business so act like It is already a business. Create a strategy for your social media communication and create awareness about your project before launching.

See backer list

At any time, you and anyone else can see the backers list directly on the project’s page plus the amounts which were sent to the charity fund.

Setting Charity Fund percentage

As said before, one of our main objectives is to help Charity campaigns which are in need. As such, by default, 5% of each donation made on a profile or on a crowdfunding project will be automatically redirected to the Charity Fund. In this way, 5% of each donation you receive is meant to help charity.

The project owner can decide to send up to 90% to the Charity Fund.

Selecting team members

Adding team members to your project is an important step while creating a project so make sure that each of them has an updated profile. In this way, it is easier to find them in the drop-down list.

Don’t forget that you and your team members must be verified users before receiving the funds you raised.

Featured Charity

You can choose to support a specific charity and promote it on your project page. If you are the owner of a project and you already donated to a Charity, you can help that Charity by promoting it on your project page and anyone who visits your project will see the campaign.

Withdrawing funds

Once your campaign or project has ended, make sure that you and your team are verified users and don’t forget to complete your bank details. You can update your bank details in your profile’s settings.

Once your campaign has ended you have to make sure that you and your team are verified users and back details are correctly completed on the initiator profile.

Tips and tricks

Learn more about how to create & launch a successful crowdfunding campaign.

You can also read the Community Guidelines

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