Benefits for NGOs on appreciate-me

appreciate-me is helping others through its core business. Every crowdfunding project is contributing to our Charity fund, whilst our charity section acts as a crowdfunding means for social causes. It works for NGOs, humanitarians, missionaries, and any other social causes. 

This is why you should consider appreciate-me for NGO fundraising efforts:

  • 0% commission for charity campaigns. You read that right, charity is charity.

  • Channel all donations in one single platform. Fast and easy.

  • Your campaigns can become eligible for Charity Fund.

  • Your backers don’t need to be registered in order to donate (but it is easy enough tough to create an account).

  • Your volunteers can use their time more efficiently and focus on other important activities. Let us do the work for fundraising!

How to get started:

  • Add your NGO name, email address, and select a strong password.

  • Update your profile (info, pictures) and choose the NGO/Cause or Community category.

  • Link all your social media accounts in order to bring your community closer.

  • Start posting your updates & campaigns.

For more details please visit our How it works page.


Creating your charity campaign:

On appreciate-me you can start a charity campaign to help those in need. Select the goal amount of your campaign and add detailed information in the Story section. You can post multiple campaigns at a time and manage them individually in your account.  When posting a campaign to raise money for a charity please provide all the information that proves your campaign is real. We really appreciate your honesty and transparency.

The money you raised will be transferred into your bank account in 15 days after the campaign is done. 


Don’t limit your possibilities:

As for all the other accounts, NGOs are not limited just to charity campaigns. If you have an interesting project, event, or idea you can create a project campaign to reach your goals whilst still contributing to charity

5% (or more) of any appreciation made on Creators or Projects is collected and redistributed at the end of a month (or a certain period chosen by us) to help complete the goals for the charities couldn’t raise their necessary amounts in time. 


Using your account directly for raising funds:

On our platform, people have the possibility to appreciate your efforts directly on your profile. As an NGO you have full control of these funds, which can be used for other necessary activities (e.g. projects, marketing, social media), redistribute them to your charities or you can choose to donate a higher percentage to our Charity Fund.


We can help you and your volunteers in doing more efficient work and reaching more people, faster! We believe our world is now a better place where appreciation can reach the people that need it faster than ever. We thrive to use this technology to everybody’s advantage and devote ourselves to offer a solution that can serve those who serve the world. For other questions or possible partnerships please feel free to contact us anytime. Don’t forget to follow our blog for more stories and crowdfunding information.