Let's finish The Pitesti Experiment FILM

Description: The movie depicts the true story of the events which took place in Romania between 1949 and 1951

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The Pitesti Experiment

Following the establishment of the Communist regime, all students were compelled to become members of the Party. Consequently, those who refused were imprisoned and 're-educated'.

The re-education phenomenon, a concept borrowed from the Soviet pedagog A.S. Makarenko, relied on the assumption that every person can become a 'new entity' through 're-education', which in this instance was achieved by means of both physical and mental torture.

The subject of the Pitesti Experiment was kept out of the public eye until recently, and therefore we believe it is impetuous that as many people as possible learn about it.

The film is fully independent and almost ready. We are raising funds specifically for the 2nd installment of the sound editing.

Cinema is one of the most powerful tools to ignite change.

Good films are a pleasure to see. Great films change HOW you see.

Furthermore, the power of filmmaking takes more and more room in the society :‘‘no saint, no pope, no general, no sultan has ever had the power that a filmmaker has: the power to talk to hundreds of millions of people for two hours in the dark’’. (Frank Capra)

In a world where images and motion pictures take place more predominantly in the society, we see the necessity to analyse, understand and debate this world.

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Premiere ticket
You get a ticket for two at out film premiere. Transport, accommodation and other expenses are yours :)

Estimated delivery: 2021-10-19

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Signature of the film crew and actors in a special frame for you
You can pick up what autograph you want from us and we will do our best to send you a beautiful frame and the signature of the person you want along a special dedication only for you!

Estimated delivery: 2021-03-17

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Meeting with the crew members and actors
We take you to dinner in Bucharest accompanied by our film director, DOP, leading actors and spend quality time over a traditional Romanian meal.

Estimated delivery: 2021-06-17

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Props from the film
We have 5 props from the film (the shirts that the actors wore, the watch which the lead actors used, a rails station hat and many more), happy to give them to you as an unique treat for your contribution to this film!

Estimated delivery: 2021-04-21

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